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Investing in Texas Real Estate

Texas Real Estate Market

If you are considering buying an investment property in Texas, I am sure you have seen the many studies showing Texas cities at the top of the best place to buy. From El Paso to Dallas not only are Texans still buying property, the number of investors from out of state is steadily increasing.

Well, we are located right in the Lone Star State helping people with loans to buy investment properties around Texas. We are the premier Texas hard money lenders interested in looking at your scenario.

Who Qualifies for Hard Money Loans?

We are a collateral based lender. On purchases, our loan to value will not exceed 65% of the after repaired value and you must have cash to put into the deal(5%-10% down plus closing costs). If your deal can meet or exceed both of those requirements, then you will most likely be approved. We are deal driven not credit score or income driven. On a cashout of an investment property our maximum loan to value is 60%.

Major Metropolitan areas and suburbs in Texas only (Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso and Houston).

If you are looking to buy investment property in Texas, We hope you will apply today.

Having trouble finding Texas investment properties below market value?

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