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Investment Properties for San Antonio, TX

Our Experience

We are hard money lenders who have an extensive list of contacts and resources for the real estate investment industry in all of Texas. San Antonio is one of our key areas that we focus on and with our network of contacts we can assist you in finding a great investment property. Let us help you open up new doors and find the right investment property to fix up and flip. Our 10 years of resources and connections are invaluable for your real estate investment.

5 Tips for Choosing a San Antonio Investment Property

  • Make sure that when determining value, all comps in San Antonio are less than six months old
  • Be very careful when using a comparable property outside the subject properties’ subdivision when using it to determine value (Comparing Tobin Hill and Five Points)
  • Garage conversions often add little or no value so it is often prudent to eliminate garage conversion square footage when determining value
  • Get a foundation bid if there is any indication of settlement prior to giving a non-refundable deposit especially in areas in San Antonio known to have foundation issues
  • Active listings and pending (under contract) listings should not be used in determining value for investment properties in San Antonio

What DJ Jordan Can Provide

Examples of our proven sources we can provide our borrowers for additional properties:

  • Wholesalers that we work with on a regular basis
  • Agents who specialize in finding investment properties
  • REO agents that we have a relationship with
  • Other lenders that we know who are looking to quickly sell their REO properties
  • Investors that we have worked with who buy at the court steps

If you are searching the San Antonio, TX area for an investment property then give us a call or fill out our contact form and we can provide some assistance. And our hard money programs may be helpful for your situation.