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About Us

DJ Jordan Properties was founded in 2004 by two real estate professionals that wanted to offer alternative financing and credit repair for real estate investors. DJ Jordan has five different funds that it utilizes. All five funds are owned and operated by the founders of DJ Jordan: Jeff Katz and David Carlin. Jeff and David have bought and sold over 200 properties and bring a lot of insight to the deals that they are asked to look at by investors.

With offices in El paso and San Antonio, DJ Jordan can quickly respond to loan requests throughout Texas. With the variety of lending options available to DJ Jordan, we are confident that we can assist you in your real estate investing needs. Please fill out the loan information form to start the process today.

We have closed over 2100 loans and can offer our vast experience and expertise to your real estate investing team!

Who Qualifies for Hard Money Loans?

We are a collateral based lender. On purchases, our loan to value will not exceed 70% of the after repaired value and you must have cash to put into the deal(5%-10% down plus closing costs). If your deal can meet or exceed both of those requirements, then you will most likely be approved. We are deal driven not credit score or income driven. On the cashout of an investment property our maximum loan to value is 65%.

Major Metropolitan areas and suburbs in Texas only (Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso and Houston).